De Nederlandstalige Tiomos folder is uit

The Dutch Tiomos folder is out

For the Dutch market introduction of TIOMOS, MacLean, as an importer, has put together a Dutch folder! TIOMOS is the completely new hinge generation developed by GRASS. Unique to TIOMOS are 1. the adjustable damping properties, a necessity because not every door is the same, 2. the unparalleled kinematic properties that enable sublime alignment with minimal gaps and finally, 3. the complete program that is now available from stock at MacLean is. By complete we mean that TIOMOS is available for full deck, overlay, semi-overlay and inset. But also with 95°, 110°, 120° and 165° opening angle. Damped and undamped, with spring or springless, punched, screwed or as an Impresso. No provider has such a complete range of solutions within one product family. In short: if you want the best solution for every situation! Call 076 - 5656565 for an appointment. TIOMOS demo board also available!