MacLean in vakblad Binnenwerk

MacLean in Binnenwerk magazine

Following a visit to the GRASS hinge factory in Reinheim, Publisher Louwers published two articles in the trade magazine Binnenwerk (issue 3 of 2012). The first article, titled 'Innovative development processes ensure the best movement system', explains how the development of the Tiomos hinge system came about and how the production process works. The second article, 'The importance of a good brand', discusses the positioning and strategy of the GRASS brand. Just as Audi evokes certain quality associations among consumers, the color red is directly linked to the Ferrari brand and Intel Inside says something about the quality of computers, GRASS wants to realize a certain quality perception with its brand strategy. 'If a product uses our hinges, the customer knows that it is quality. It gives every piece of furniture a piece of added value. People are proud to have this product in their home," the article quotes Harald Klüh, GRASS' global brand manager. 'Those who are curious about this new GRASS emotion can visit the Grass Experience Center in Breda. According to Grass itself, the Dutch importer MacLean has the most beautiful showroom worldwide. This one is unique and inspiring!' concludes the journal.