MacLean in vakblad Keuken & Design

MacLean in Keuken & Design magazine

Pressure Media published an article about GRASS and the Dutch importer MacLean in its trade magazine Keuken & Design (K&D). The article, titled 'Grass is making a comeback', appears in issue number 2 of 2012. 'Who produces the best cushioned hinge?' The article begins with that question. 'That question forms the basis of a fierce battle in the hinge market. With the Tiomos product, Grass wants to catch up. K&D visited the factory in Reinheim, Germany. The hinge already closes at an opening angle of twenty degrees. The size and weight of the door do not play a role in this. Due to the adjustable setting, thick-thin, high-low, wide and narrow doors can all have the same closing time. Another new feature of the Tiomos is the kinematics. This ensures closures with minimal gap dimensions and thanks to the physically improved lifting movements, the furniture doors are opened more easily.' Ultimately, 'a hinge affects the entire kitchen,' concludes the trade magazine.