Nieuwe Dynapro folder is uit

New Dynapro folder is out

The new Dutch Dynapro folder is out! In addition to concealed bottom guides, the folder also contains information about traditional guides and drawer sides. The brochure is equipped with large, beautiful product photos, technical drawings and all necessary ordering information. In the brochure you will find all variants of concealed floor guides, such as the damped variant Dynapro Soft-close, the handle-less application Dynapro Senso and Dynamoov Senso. The latter is of the highest quality, but does not have 3D adjustment. The brochure also contains the traditional single and full-extension roller guides (4130 and 4250) and the single-walled Unigrass 6000 drawer system that can be increased with side rails if necessary. -date information at your fingertips!