MacLean in Designvakblad Keuken (DVK)

MacLean in Kitchen Design Magazine (DVK)

For the introduction of the new Tiomos hinge generation, MacLean took the editors of the Design magazine Kitchens (DVK) to the GRASS hinge factory in Reinheim. As a result of this visit with the Dutch trade press, the article 'A hinge of 35 million' was published in the April edition of DVK. The design magazine is published by Bois le Duc Publishers and is intended for kitchen consultants and [interior] architects. The article states: 'Importer MacLean set up a new Experience Center for all important elements of the Tiomos programme. Here, customers can see in practice how other spearheads, such as the Sensotronic, the Dynapro and the Nova Pro, also function optimally. Private individuals can also visit the information center. MacLean has set itself the task of convincing the kitchen world of the Tiomos within the next two years.'