Four generations of MacLean have laid the foundation for our company today. What started more than 90 years ago as a haberdashery trade has grown into one of the most renowned Dutch trading companies in furniture fittings and LED lighting.

As a barely 16-year-old boy, Karel MacLean (1884-1952) left Klundert in North Brabant for Rotterdam in 1900. Around 1918, Karel got to know the German Unversagt family, of which red Theo was the best known. This Theo Unversagt was a wood turner by profession, but also familiar with the production of window fittings. Theo and Karel founded a company in 1921 for the production of wooden veneered window fittings. When Theo Unversagt converted the profit into spirits, Karel decided to continue alone. With the dedicated attention and zest for work of his son Martinus Cornelis (1907-1996), also known as MC, production was increased considerably.

Production and sales were first kept in-house and the business flourished. But when sales increased, people were looking for a way to buy cheaper. This led in 1925 to a veneer production in Paris (Roux-Baudrand Frères) where Karel and son MC made the first purchase. Warehouses were rented near the Crooswijksestraat in Rotterdam to keep the larger consignments of veneer in stock. This development led to an increasing demand for veneer among the many furniture makers in Rotterdam.

At MC's insistence, his still young brother Karel Jr. also placed in the business by father Karel. He eventually became the founder of the current Mac Lean Industrie in Zwijndrecht, supplier of edging tape. In the late 1930s, sales of wooden curtain rods stagnated due to the introduction of metal curtain rails. MC had meanwhile taken over the management from his father Karel in 1936 and decided to continue with metal rails. The large stocks of wooden rings were offered to the first DIY stores in Rotterdam, which also asked for knobs and handles. This furniture fittings were then purchased both at home and abroad, with which MC laid the foundation for the current wholesale function in furniture fittings.

In 1953, MC's son Dick entered the business, which at the time resulted in Mac Lean IJzerwaren in Rotterdam.

The eldest son Charles joined the company in 1955 and founded MacLean Agencies bv in 1984 with GRASS as the main agency. In the meantime, MacLean BV is no longer an agent, but has been an importer and distributor for decades. Since 1995, the current management consists of the fourth generation of entrepreneurs.

In 2009, LED lighting for furniture, kitchens and bathrooms was started from the renowned German brand Hera. At the end of 2017, a manufacturer of LED products for offices, warehouses and shops was acquired. The thriving company has grown into one of the most important suppliers of furniture fittings and LED lighting on the Dutch market.


Great-grandfather Karel Mac Lean started a haberdashery trade in wooden window fittings in Rotterdam in 1921.


The company is taken over in 1936 by son MC Mac Lean, who increasingly focuses on hardware and door and furniture fittings.


Importer of GRASS, the Austrian manufacturer of furniture fittings, since 1969.


In 1984, the eldest son Charles acquires the exclusive rights to represent GRASS as an agent on the Dutch market. What started as an agency quickly grew into a wholesaler and distributor.


The six rented garage boxes around the house in Breda where Charles has his office are no longer sufficient to be able to deliver from stock. In 1993, a business premises in Gilze is purchased, after which the company continues to grow steadily.


In 2002, an exclusive partnership was established with the Italian furniture interior manufacturer SIGE.


The continued growth requires even more square meters. In 2006, the current business premises in Breda were purchased. With more than 7,000 m 2 lot size, the largest stock of furniture fittings is distributed in the Netherlands.


At the beginning of 2009, investments will be made in the completion of the globally unique GRASS Experience Center under the motto: "Our showroom is your showroom." Business customers can bring their end users here to experience our solutions for themselves.


At the end of 2009, a partnership was started with the renowned German LED manufacturer HERA.


In addition to fast deliveries of high-quality affordable solutions, MacLean aims to offer state-of-the-art ordering options. The webshop is a fact.


In 2014, an extensive handle program will be launched under its own brand name Donadoni.


At the end of 2017, a manufacturer of LED lighting will be acquired in order to further expand our position in the LED market.


At the beginning of 2018, the delivery of ready-made cabinet bodies to interior builders will start.


In just two years, our own professional LED utility lighting has been exported to more than 15 European countries.


The new building of our warehouse expansion will be completed at the beginning of 2020. The new extension hall is 75 meters long, 18 meters wide and 14 meters high and offers space for no fewer than 5,000 pallets. The total warehouse capacity of more than 6,500 pallet places is therefore more than three times larger.