About us

We are a family business. Just like many of our customers. That makes it a lot easier to understand each other. That bond with our customers is one of the great aspects of our efforts. We are therefore focused on long-term partnerships. That means that we see it as our mission to really help our customers. Only then can you be successful.

We also apply the same philosophy to our employees. A great team, experts in furniture fittings and LED lighting. And although everyone has their specialism, everyone at MacLean strives to be as all-round as possible. That makes us flexible to help our customers. This way we can all provide first-line advice and take an order from a customer. We all feel a little bit of ownership. That sense of responsibility of our team members is one of our strengths.

We also strive for long-term partnerships with our suppliers. MacLean, for example, has been familiar with GRASS furniture fittings since 1969. This creates confidence and makes us true specialists. Also for technical questions. We try all products ourselves first. And if we don't like it, we simply don't sell it. After all, honesty is the best policy.

We also invariably invest in order to be able to deliver to our customers quickly. Our warehouse therefore contains the largest stock of furniture fittings in the Netherlands. To determine the idea: we deliver 98.1% of all our customer orders within 24 hours.

Finally, we have a passion for improvement. We continuously invest in our resources, our people and our presentation to the market. We are always true to our principles, but we are also not afraid to break new ground. In fact, everything shows that our company is focused on helping you.