MacLean in vakblad Binnenwerk

MacLean in Binnenwerk magazine

In the second edition of 2011 of the trade magazine Binnenwerk, an article was published about 'the surprising growth' of our family business. Binnenwerk is a promising new magazine for interior design that is published by Louwers Uitgeversorganisatie in Weert. The first article of each issue portrays a leading personality in the interior design industry; this issue featured Eric MacLean, owner/director of MacLean Agencies. The article describes the growth of the company from its foundation in its current form in 1984. The success of free enterprise is fascinatingly narrated. “We try to transfer that freedom and decision-making power to our staff as well,” says Eric MacLean in the article. “We don't have to tell anyone how to work. Of course we do state the guidelines, but they are never suffocating. All our employees are therefore in fact both specialists and all-rounders. Just like a real entrepreneur. That is a responsibility and feeling that everyone develops themselves.'