Nieuwe logistieke uitbreiding GRASS

New logistics extension GRASS

In 2011, GRASS invested a total of more than 30 million euros, of which approximately 6 million euros for a new logistics warehouse in Götzis. The new warehouse is part of an extensive investment program in which the Würth Group has invested a three-digit million sum since the takeover in 2004, mainly in the modernization of the two production sites in Höchst and Götzis. The new building in Götzis with an investment amount of six million euros took place on the site of the old shipping hall and includes a hypermodern logistics hall including a high-rise warehouse. With the help of future-oriented technology, both internal logistics and distribution logistics are improved. “The new hall will increase the efficiency of the production facility for the innovative Dynapro bottom conductor system,” explains Ronald Weber, CEO of GRASS.