Tiomos - het beste scharniersysteem ooit gemaakt

Tiomos - the best hinge system ever made

The hinge is dead. Long live the hinge! Hinges have been around for thousands of years. And one would think that everything on this subject has already been thought out and developed. But no! GRASS has spent many years researching and developing the hinge. Users can now order the result from MacLean, the Dutch importer of GRASS furniture fittings. A hinge generation of a completely new order. The name: TIOMOS. What's new? Simply everything! Because GRASS did not just build on the development of an existing hinge, but invented a completely new hinge system. Markus Herper, who is responsible for product development at GRASS, explains: “We have always been looking for product solutions with future possibilities, but with TIOMOS we really managed to turn this vision into reality. It cannot be compared to any other hinge system. The investment in the new development by TIOMOS shows that not only drawer systems, flap fittings and corner cabinets have a future with GRASS, but also hinge systems.” TIOMOS Grass hingeTIOMOS not only impresses with its numerous technical advantages, but also with the resulting possibilities. One of the striking features of the new hinge system, for example, is the adjustable damper that is invisibly integrated into the hinge arm with the entire damping mechanism. As a result, cabinet doors close evenly and smoothly in all phases of the movement – ​​and that from an opening angle of 20°. This is regardless of the size and weight of the doors. And the same goes for the new movement properties. Cabinet doors not only open very easily due to the optimized lever movements, but the hinges also allow perfect adjustment of the door fronts with a minimal gap. This means that TIOMOS adds a new dimension to doors in furniture design. TIOMOS GRASS hingeIt was worth the wait. Because TIOMOS offers the best solution for furniture doors to meet the increasing demand for high quality in the furniture market. But in addition to all the functional benefits, TIOMOS is also visually impressive. The jury of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award awarded the internationally recognized award to the new GRASS hinge system.